Thanks to everyone who nominated Santa Fe Bandstand as “BEST EVENT/FESTIVAL” in the Santa Fe Reporter’s 2017 Best of Santa Fe Reader’s Poll. We’re half-way towards our fifth consecutive victory!

The final ballot can be accessed by clicking HERE. Deadline for voting is May 31st.

VOTING INSTRUCTIONS (Click images to enlarge):

Log on to Santa Fe Reporter site ( Click on the “Final Voting” icon, which takes you to this screen:

If you haven’t already registered, you’ll need to do so (follow onscreen directions.) Then scan down till you see the “Pick a Category” listing in the left-hand column.

Scan down to the 4th category and click on “Arts and Entertainment,” then scan down to the 9th listing – “Best Event/Festival.” Click, look for Santa Fe Bandstand (3rd listing in column) and click the red “Vote” button. That’s it!

Thanks for your steady support. Looking forward to seeing you on opening night with NM favorites Lone Piñon and Albuquerque’s own Grammy Award-winner Max Baca on July 5th.