Show Information

  • DATE and TIME: Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 7:00pm
  • VENUES: SWAN Park, Jaguar Drive at Hwy 599, Santa FE, NM 87507

Band Info

Playing Cuban roots music out of East Los Angeles, Changüí Majadero is a blazing five-piece band that has honed a deeply informed and highly personal take on changüí, a surging Afro-Cuban musical tradition that took shape in the late 19th century on the eastern side of the island around Guantanamo. It’s one of the foundational styles that gave birth to son, salsa and timba, and in the hands of Changüí Majadero the music feels as fresh and intoxicating as a stiff shot of rum.

Founded by guitarist/vocalist Gabriel García, an expert on Cuban tres guitar, the band brings Cuba’s country blues to new ears.

Changüí Majadero’s appearance is made possible by the generous support of PRESBYTERIAN HEALTH SERVICES

Cuban music has, since the Buena Vista Social Club two decades ago, been too often viewed through rose-tinted glasses. So this collection is refreshingly different. Its lack of buff and polish make it all the more compelling.Perceptive Travel

Hypnotically repetitive and gloriously syncopated, Changüí Majadero is captivating and liberating.- Pop Matters