Show Information

  • DATE and TIME: Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 6:00pm
  • VENUES: The Historic Santa Fe Plaza, 63 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Band Info

Bayou Seco, featuring Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, has been entertaining New Mexico and many parts of the world since 1980. Recipients of the 2017 NM Governor’s Award for Excellence in theArts, Keppeler and McLerie have learned from a number of revered traditional musicians in New Mexico, Louisiana and Arizona (thus, Bayou Seco).

For their Bandstand concert, they will team up Scott Mathis, mandolin, guitarron, voice, and Linda Askew, guitar for a rollicking set of dance music with chugging accordions, soaring fiddles and exciting vocals in Spanish and French. And they will also be joined by some of the Lone Piñon musicians.

Bayou Seco’s brand of Southwestern Chilegumbo – Cajun two-steps, waltzes, polkas and rancheras, chotis’s, meringues and huapangos, and, perhaps a broom dance, is cross- cultural, multi-lingual and transcends labels and pigeon holes. Bayou Seco’s roots are in the south and southwest, but their branches reach far across the world.

Bayou Seco’s appearance is made possible by the generous support of the SPANISH COLONIAL ARTS SOCIETY 

“The common element of their music is the sheer happiness each song projects.”STEVE TERRELL, The Santa Fe Reporter

“BAYOU SECO emphasizes the rich cross cultural nature of music in general – a little from here, a touch from there… Divergent musical styles, so well cross-pollinated, they have become hybrids.”GENE ARMSTRONG, Arizona Daily Star